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American Express – Which Card To Choose?

American Express Credit Card has been able to create a name for itself in the premier league of credit cards. How? Ever since their inception, they have been consistent on providing the best of offers and schemes on credit cards to customers. Not to forget the variety of credit cards they carry. From a businessman to a young college student, AMEX has a credit card for every category of its customer.

Apart from a list of exciting offers the company has, one of the most consistent and instant attractive one is their money back offer. This offer allows the credit card holder to get discounts of up to 5% on every transaction they make. Offers like this make AMEX a better choice over any other credit card company. If that’s not enough, they also provide a limitless shopping expenditure which makes it a better choice for individuals who love to shop. But to enjoy AMEX credit cards, customers have to have an exceptional credit score.

How to Choose an AMEX Card?

What can drop you into a dilemma is the question – which card to choose? Among various variable, the most primary one is understanding what is it that you’ll be using your card for? If you are a frequent flier go for a travel card but if you like to shop a lot then a shopping card is what you should go for. In a nutshell, you have to study your expense habits, what are your interests and also think about where you would be using your credit card? These techniques will immensity help you when you are finalizing your choice of a credit card.

When choosing a card with AMEX, you’ll be presented with two option. In one option i.e debit card, you’ll have to make monthly payments. There is no expense limit or charges involved with debit cards. With credit cards, however, you will be able to carry your balance into the next month. There is a limit attached to your card and your expense has to be within that limit. So, before you choose a card read about its details thoroughly and clearly to have a good understanding of the card.

Discover your needs

As mentioned above, it is important that you have your expense goals set. A lot of people don’t think about their expenses and go onto choose a card that gives them zero to no benefits at all. You should not be one of them.  Set your priorities straight and determine your goals before you choose a card.

If you happen to face any kind of trouble, feel free to contact AMEX customer care. You can also ask about the various offers they have on cards. The customer care also suggests cards to its customer depending upon their expense. So, you can get in touch with them, tell them about the kind of expense you make and they will suggest a card for you.

Finally, always read about details involving credit card limit, annual fees, offers and discounts on products and more before you choose your card.

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